suitcaseHello fellow business owner/entrepreneur, if you’re running a small owner-managed business, you’ve just found the accountant you’ve been looking for.

Helping you grow your business and save you money is our objective. We do this by helping you structure your business to leverage all the accounting and tax advantages available to the small business owner.

See if you can relate to the following story.

The client came to us struggling even though he thought he was making money. We started reviewing his balance sheet and profit and loss statements. In fact we saw every financial statement he had ever received. They were still in the unopened envelopes the client had received them in. When we asked why, he said that he had opened the first one, didn’t understand it and afraid of being charged extra, promptly put it away. Their accountant never bothered to ask if they had any questions.

Frustrated, the client came to talk with us as he had heard how we treated our clients. He was having cash flow problems and didn’t know why. We reviewed his numbers and found that he was behind in billing and his receivable collections which had been at 30 to 45 days had gone to over 75 days.

We recommended that the owner begin using an online accounting solution since his business did not involve construction. At the time he could not afford a full time bookkeeper so we provided a part time bookkeeper to record his transactions and keep his records. On a daily basis he was able to see what his cash balance was, as well as what his payables were. We reviewed his financials with him on a regular basis and taught him how to read his financials so that he had an understanding of the numbers. Armed with this information he was able to get his cash flow in order and working to grow his business.

Today, any small business not using all the advances in technology is behind the eight ball. Today the small business owner can run his business from his smart phone or pad. He can bill, collect and even pay expenses while sitting in his car. With the new cloud technology he is working with real time information not weeks old information.

Our clients are encouraged to contact us for that quick question with out worrying about getting a bill. We feel that inhibits our clients from calling us and that might mean a mistaken decision on their part. We also meet monthly or quarterly for a phone or video meeting to discuss their books and show them where their business stands and how their cash flow is.

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